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                                                  Dev Bhumi was incorporated in August 2003, but the main Promoter Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal has   an experience of more than 30 years in the field and is generally considered an “authority on the Cold Chain Industry in India ” as reported even by the apex body of Indian Industry, the CII (Confederation of Indian Industries).
The genesis of the company itself is the story of the recent & initial evolution of true cold chain in India , and became the subject of a Case Study done by CORNELL UNIVERSITY , Ithaca , NY . The story started in the year 2000, when Mr. Sanjay Aggarwal decided against the general market opinion collected by a survey on whether an advanced cold chain would be viable in the Indian context, and went ahead and invested more than a million dollars in upgrading the facilities for storage and cold chain.

When it was felt that not much headway was being made in educating the wholesale customers who were the traditional users of the cold storage facilities, in the benefits of a true cold chain; Mr. Aggarwal decided that the company must become its own customer and the present company M/s. Dev Bhumi Cold Chain Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated to supplant the traditional wholesale trade which was refusing to acknowledge and participate in the benefits of a true cold chain.

The company has since then gone from strength to strength based on continuous successes. The first of these was when the company purchased its own apple in 2003 by sending its refrigerated trucks all the way upto the border of Tibet , opened bank accounts in the small villages and paid farmers at their doorstep with cheques drawn on local banks, and brought the fruit to Delhi in cold chain. It was the first time this was done in India , and apple purchased at Rs.25/kg was sold after 6 months @ Rs.70/Kg. The systems, principles and prices established by the company became benchmarks in India . Consequently, the company enjoys an unsurpassed reputation in the community, and the promoter Mr. Aggarwal has been invited for lecturing at various distinguished forums in India and USA .

On the one end of the supply chain, the company's substantial presence in Azadpur Market at Delhi , which is the world's largest F & V market, ensures the capability to sell any quantity of produce at any time. On the other end, the company enjoys a great reputation with farmers due to its linkages with them for the past more than 60 years. This gives DB preferential access to procure the farmers' produce. In the middle of the two ends is the company's cold-chain infrastructure which enjoys the repute of being the best in India . With different kinds of specialized storages like Deep Freeze, Chill Store, Controlled Atmosphere Storage, Modified Atmosphere storage etc. This unique positioning will ensure the company's success in the future as the company builds upon the trust it enjoys to become much larger with a pan-India presence.

As the retail sector in India becomes more organized, linkage with farmers to procure produce in a cold chain will become a source of competitive advantage for the big retail players. Since the company will be using these facilities for more than one big retailer, it will be able to achieve optimum cost efficiency, which will be again be a source of competitive advantage. The Company's experience with the ground realities of India and exposure to the latest innovations around the world have enabled us to always remain ahead of the market .

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