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What is Apple Sauce?

Apple sauce is 100% Apple. It can also be combined with a variety of of other fruits and spices. Flavouring it with other fruits such as peach, mango, berries,strawberry, cinnamon, etc is also common. Apple sauce is widely used in North America and European Countries as a food for health, energy and well-being.It can be eaten chilled or warmed for babies.

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Good- to- go- Fruit

Its like carrying a ready to eat apple with you for a healthy and quick snack anytime with no mess & no fuss.!!

  • At School
  • At playground
  • At Work
  • Pre/Post work-out
  • While Traveling
  • Walking in the Garden

Fun ways to use Apple Sauce

  • You as spread it on your toast- Instead of butter or jam to make it healthier and tastier.
  • Use it as an Ice-Cream topping.
  • Use it as an ingredient for baking- Muffins, breads, pie, etc.
  • Use it with your breakfast cereal.
  • Use it straight from the pouch as a clean hygienic quick energy snack.

Benefits for Children

Applesauce is very easy to consume for children & the best part is that it preserves all the benefits & nutrients of an apple.

It can also be served as a weaning food for children since its easy to digest and they donot need to chew.

Children can carry it to school for lunch, as its much easier to consume and there is no mess.

Its packed with antioxidants, flavonoids & vitamins.

Its sometimes suggested to combat diarrhoea, since its high in pectin.

Parents Enjoy it too..

Healthy Facts About Applesauce

Applesauce helps promote good digestion, due to a high concentration of pectin, applesauce aids in good digestion and helps remove waste from the body.


Applesauce can supply as much as 80 percent of our daily vitamin C needs. Look for Applesauce that contains added vitamin C. You might find it listed on the label as ascorbic acid, but the terms mean the same thing.

Less calories and zero fat and yet feels substantial enough to act as a filling snack all by itself. Applesauce provides a balanced miniature meal rich in natural fibre and nutrients. Like the apples it comes from, applesauce contains no fat.


Incorporate a pouch of applesauce with your breakfast/lunch/dinner to boost the fibre content of your meals.



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