Dev Bhumi Apple Pack house, MATIANA- Himachal Pradesh 

  • The Dev Bhumi apple pack house, located right in the middle of apple growing area, is the tallest (154 feet high building) and highest (8000 ft above sea-level) pack house in the world.

  • It has a CA storage capacity of 5000MT with 2 levels of sorting grading and packing machines by MAF (France) of 10MT/hr.

  • Here we work with over 1500 farmers for Farm level procurement, logistics & allied services, and Pan-India marketing and distribution.

  • To facilitate the farm level procurement, we have pack houses in growing areas to link with farmers and provide them a sale platform in their neighbourhood.

  • Now we are investing another $5 Million to add a state-of-the-art Apple Sauce manufacturing plant with a capacity of 40 Million units/ year which is slated to go up to 250 Million in a few years.

  • 154 feet high CA storage facility in the Himalayan region.